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Our Mission

Bridging Cities is a nonprofit community-building organization that is dedicated to building a stronger, more cohesive society. We connect people of different ethnic, religious, and racial backgrounds by building relationships between residents of nearby neighborhoods and faraway communities.

Our first program, A Close Knit Community Workshop is designed to connect people and spur positive social interactions. We want people to know each other as people, rather than a caricature.

Our Values

We think person’s social status, national origin, ethnic heritage, or religion should not be the basis for judgement of their value to society.

We strive to create greater community health and social cohesion. 

We strive to reduce anxiety and animosity between people in different social, ethnic, and religious groups.

We strive to connect and strengthen our communities so all can achieve a greater quality of life.

Our Staff and Volunteers


Meet the people who make Bridging Cities and our Close Knit Community Workshop events happen!